Thank you for taking interest in my art!! Feel free to contact me if there is a painting you are interested in purchasing or if you see colors you like, but you desire a different canvas size.

**NOTE!!! I am NOT in control of the final outcome of the paintings. The paint has the final say. While I am happy to take the colors you request and the size/shape of canvas you desire, that is where my control ends. Any work that is requested will be shown to you prior to shipping.

There is a 1/2 down payment required for all special requests and this is NON REFUNDABLE. That said, I do aim to deliver an end product that you will enjoy.

I respond to emails several times a week* and will do all I can to answer your questions honestly and quickly. If I do not know the answer, I will tell you. And then I will begin searching for the answer.

*The exception for responding to emails is that I am off line every Friday afternoon and back on Saturday night after 8 pm EST. There will be a few additional days throughout the year where I am unable to be reached, but I will let you know those dates well in advanced.

I look forward to working with you!!!

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