It Began with a Daydream

Art. I have always loved to create. Whether I am in the kitchen, in the yard/garden or at the canvas, I love to see what I am able to bring to life. To take a blank canvas and just allow paint to do it’s own creating has become my latest joy. Never knowing what will actually come to be the final creation is exciting. (A bit like raising a child, to be honest)

What is a “Bubbeh J”? Well, that would be the future Me. My youngest son, now 17 years old, was pondering what my future grandchildren will call me and he decided that this will be my title. So, here I am. Bubbeh J.

How I came to work in Acrylics started in the 3rd grade. I learned to work with clay, pencils, oils and acrylics. I set all that aside 30+ years ago when I became a mom. Working with cloth, yarn and, of course, food, became my canvas. Baking bread, replaced clay. And teaching my sons how to whip up their favorite dishes took the place of the paint brush.

Now, with only 1 son remaining home, I decided it was time to allow my love of art to bloom again. And here I am. When you find a piece that grabs your eye, let me know. If you enjoy certain colors, keep looking. They are bound to pop up sooner or later.

Enjoy and Welcome!